YWAM Ships: Reaching the Isolated with God’s Love

YWAM: To know God and to make Him known

Mercy Ships: Bringing Hope and Healing to the Nations.

Standards of Excellence in Short term missions: The U.S. Standards of Excellence in Short-Term Mission is an accrediting and resourcing body for those who send, receive, facilitate and support short-term mission (STM) endeavors.

Mary DeMuth: Author and Speaker

Antioch Church Dallas: Our Vision is to be a church like the one at Antioch by helping people everywhere know Jesus and Love others.

1042 Church: 1042 was established, in January 2011, to reach the lost of Frisco with the Gospel, and to be a movement for missions around the world.

Crossroads Bible Church: Our mission and passion is to make disciples by loving, obeying and serving Christ both locally and globally.

Laredo Stepping Stone: Laredo Stepping Stone is an Interdenominational Ministry Center, facilitating missions and missionaries—helping the homeless and other less fortunate people on the U.S. border and in Mexico Since 2001

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